Thank you friends!!!

I want to thank each of you who came out for the holdiay studio sale over the last two weekends.  I feel really good about the pots I had to offer, most of which left with you to fulfill a high purpose in your homes. 

I have a cupboard full of pots which I use every day.  And I know how much those pots consistently affect my daily life.  While they are made by a very wide variety of potters from around the world, each one holds a place in my heart and every time I use one, it is like having a conversation with their maker...They have become truly mine, and yet they connect me to their makers and to human beings in general.  I am so grateful to each of their makers for bringing such lovely objects into being, but at the same time, I know there is now some unique relationship which I now share with each of these objects....cups, plates, baking dishes which are now a part of the best tapestry of my daily life.  I love that!  It is what keeps me interested as a maker too - I love that each of the pots, conceived in my mind by the familiar movements of my hands, now have layers of meaning which have grown in the relationship each of you have forged with the pots I made and which you purchased.

 Really, it is a very simple value proposition; I make pots, put as much into each one as I can.  You see, touch pots which touch something inside yourself and you buy them....and hopefully it is a bargain for us both!  I am so grateful and privileged to make a living by doing something I love to do so dearly!  For my part, I promise to continue making pots that are honest and dense with the content of my heart.  Thanks truly for "getting it" and connecting with the pots!  

Here's a lovely teabowl I use almost every was made by Guillermo Cuellar who has a studio in the St. Croix Valley of Minnesota.....he made it and he speaks to me through it every day, but it's MY teabowl now....I do love it....

Merry Christmas!